My Weekend Purchase

If I had it my way. I would shop everyday/ You can never have too many clothes especially when you’re a personal stylist. I had some extra cash this weekend so I decided to pay myself a nice top. I found this cute ruffled top from shein and fell in love. It was on sale for $15.00 so I decided to buy it.

I’ve seen ads for Shein floating around the internet but wasn’t too sure about it. After speaking with a friend she reassured me that the site was legit and I would be happy with my purchase, so I gave it a try. Well, my top arrived yesterday and she was RIGHT!!! I LOVED IT! It’s very comfortable and fits well. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME TALKING ABOUT WHAT I BOUGHT..LET ME SHOW YOU.

The picture to the left is what the site advertised.



My Frustration With Shoes


I’m sure you’re probably wondering what the above picture has to do with my shoe frustration….well let me tell you. This my friends, is the ideal collection for black shoes. Recently, I’ve noticed that I’m always struggling in the “Black shoes” department.

For instance I was headed to an event a few weeks ago and I really wasn’t in the mood to wear heels. I wanted a nice black booty with a block heel or a nice pair of ankle boots with a block heel. I had ankle boots, but they were brown. I had boots, but they were peep-toe and had a skinny heel…….Sigh (the struggle). I know you’re thinking why didn’t she just change her outfit, I had no Trust me, that would have definitely been an option.

Action Plan: To prevent this reocurring annoyance, I have decided to buy several different styles of black shoes that are verstaile with various outfits. I know you are thinking this will be expensive, but it won’t. Amazon Prime is my best friend and they have some of the most amazing shoes online. I have a system that has yet to let me down (I’ll do a post on this later.) I’ll be sure to post my collection of black shoes as they arrive!.

What are your frustrations with shoes?


This Season’s Pick.


Every year in the fashion world there is a “Fashion Color of the Year.” Well this year be prepared to see lots of “Blush” and “Green.” So who’s responsible for these choice of colors? Believe it or not it’s “The Pantone-Color Institute cretaed the color of the year. I read an article published in that states:

“Every year since 2000, the company has chosen a color that reflects the current cultural climate. In the following year, the color has historically influenced trends in all facets of design—architecture, interior décor, fashion, food, travel—the list goes on.” The color green represents: the outdoors, vegetation and healthier food options.

Hua, Karen.”Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017 Is Inspired By Nature And Influences Design.”

Though, Blush is not mentioned in this article,  it is a common color scheme amongst  many clothing stores. Most people refer to it as “Soft Pink” but the correct term is “Blush”



The First Post


Hey Hey!! Welcome!

Welcome to my blog everyone. No need for a long introduction. You are now following SavitraYvette Personal Styling blog page. I am a personal stylist based is Atlanta as well as a certified lifestyle blogger.Make yourself at home while you’re here. If you any suggestions, questions are ideas, feel free to comment throughout this page. Well that’s enough talking. Stay tuned for more content coming soon!