Show A “Lil” Leg….

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again ” I AM THE ROMPER QUEEN.” I  have no idea when this obsession started but I’m in too deep. So of course I logged onto my favorite shopping site ( to see what they had. After about 45 mins and 6 items in my cart, I came across what seemed to be a long dress with a front split and some shorts. I was intrigued and to my surprise it was a romper!!! JACKPOT! After a quick 10 second decision, I removed the previous six items out of my cart to make room for the beautiful romper I’d just found.

Two perfect Amazon Prime days later my order had arrived. I unwrapped my package and with great anticipation, proceeded to try on this new outfit. I thought I was in love when I saw it online, once I tried it on, I was mesmerized. But enough about my story let’s take a look at the romper!



Tuesday Motivation



I don’t know about you, but one of the things I enjoy more than anything is making people feel good about themselves and life. Many people are hurting and really just need inspiration to get them going and to the next phase of there life. We all may not have someone in our “corners” cheering us on. Sometimes you have to be a cheerleaders for other and teach them how to be a cheerleader for themselves.

If you are ever in a position to make someone feel great, even if its for a moment, do it. That one small gesture or kind word, could changes their lives in ways you could never imagine 🙂 Don’t keep all the happiness to yourself…SHARE!!!!

Wait…..T.J. Maxx!

If you ask anyone that I know. Thy well tell you that I am not a fan of two stores in particular: Target and TJ Maxx. I never find the “deals” that people always rave about. This all changed on last Thursday, when I made a last minute decision to look for a jumpsuit. One thing you must understand about me: ‘I AM THE JUMPSUIT QUEEN” (especially a jumpsuit with pockets). So, I decided to venture to TJ Maxx on my lunch break, as I’m looking around at all the items I would not bye, I found this lovely floral print print jumpsuit, in my size. Let’s just say that outfit came home with me. Most of my jumpsuits have been $30.00 but I paid $24.99 for it. It fits perfectly, it has pockets and I am in love with it. But enough talking, let me show you my new boo!!